UBBC Alumni Committee

We are aiming to restructure our committee to effectively support UBBC in achieving their renewed long-term performance vision. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved. Roles are likely to include those listed below. 


2018-20 Committee

Nonesuch Boat Club Captain: 





Membership & Recruitment:

Fundraising Campaigns: 

Nonesuch Women's Rowing:

Nonesuch Men's Rowing:

Online Engagement & Database Management: 

Advisory Group

Chris Hartley (Chairman)

Tom Davies

David Phillips

Dan Hatfield 

Liz Hatfield

Adam Mackenzie

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Career Advice & Networking for Current Students

We all know the graduate job/internship hunt can be a nightmare (and can feel even more pressured when you're training 12+ times a week!)

The UBBC Alumni are a group of people who have been through it all before and can often offer some valuable advice or reassurance to current students in UBBC who are thinking about what they might want to do immediately after university and beyond.

If you are a student in UBBC and would be interested in connecting with a member of the UBBC Alumni who works in a job/career you are interested in, then please complete the form below: 

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