UBBC Alumni Student Support Grant Scheme

Information on the Scheme

The UBBC Alumni aims to promote and support the education and development of students of the University of Bristol by encouraging and facilitating the sport of rowing. One way we can achieve this is by offering grants to students who would otherwise not be able to participate in rowing due to financial constraints. 

UBBC Alumni Student Support Grant funds are intended for students who gain significant personal development value from participating in rowing and in return make a positive contribution to UBBC’s club culture, but whose participation may be limited by their financial circumstances. Funds are not intended for students who would not find difficulty funding their participation through other means. 

The types of activities that these funds are intended for include, but are not limited to; training camp costs, transport/accommodation/race fees for a major event such as EUSA/FISU/GB Rowing Team Trials/BR Sculling Festival, and essential UBBC racing kit. 

Application Information for current students

The application process has been kept as simple as possible, while providing us with enough information to ensure that our members’ donated funds are allocated appropriately. An application form is available for download below.

The applicant is required to provide details of the assistance they require and provide a short supporting statement, accompanied by a short supporting statement from their coach/captain. Once submitted, their application will be discussed among a small group within the UBBC Alumni Committee and with the UBBC Treasurer and if the criteria are met and funds are available, a grant will be awarded.

Applications are open for consideration all year round.

We trust that UBBC members would not attempt to falsely claim financial hardship in order to apply for a UBBC Alumni Student Support Grant. This would result in the reduction of funds available to students in genuine need. 

Apply Now

Click below to download an application form. Once complete, please attach in an email to ubbcalumni@gmail.com.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the UBBC Alumni Committee if you wish to informally discuss your application or a potential application for a UBBC Alumni Student Support Grant. We can be contacted at ubbcalumni@gmail.com, or through any known UBBC Alumni representative.