2016 - Women's Wintech Reduced Diameter Shaft Oars

The beginning of 2016 saw UBBC's Women's Squad growing in strength. They produced the best results at Women's Eights Head of the River Race in 11 years and picked up silver and bronze medals in championship events at BUCS Head. 

In order to continue their success into the regatta season, UBBC identified the need for a new set of oars, specifically for women's use. The UBBC Alumni donated £2,500 (£3,125 after Gift Aid is added) towards the cost of a set of eight new innovative Wintech Reduced Diameter Shaft oars. 

The oars were subsequently used in UBBC's 2016 Women's Henley Regatta campaign, along with a rented Hudson 8 (amusingly owned by UWE, who didn't have enough women to use it themselves). The 2016 regatta saw their top eight qualify 4th in the Academic Eights event, only being knocked out by event favourites Nottingham University. 

The UBBC Alumni's next fundraising campaign has the aim of helping UBBC to purchase their own Hudson 8. Visit www.ubbcalumni.com/campaigns to read more.