The UBBC Alumni - 2019 and Beyond


The University of Bristol has been represented on the water by its Boat Club since the University's own inception in 1909, and its former oarsmen & women organised as Alumni since the 1980's.

The UBBC Alumni has long been regarded as the flagship alumni association of all sports clubs and societies at the University of Bristol, having embarked on some significant fundraising projects in support of the UBBC, most notably in fundraising for the new Saltford Boathouses which were opened in 2014. 

Since the opening of the new boathouses UBBC has undergone a shift in ambition, with the appointment of a full time Head Coach for the first time in the club's history, and significant donations from generous individuals in order to purchase new boats and equipment. 

UBBC has summarised this ambition and the steps it needs to take to get there in a new 'Top 5 in 5 Years" club vision and development plan. 

The UBBC Alumni has identified the need to refresh our mission, committee structure and activities to ensure we continue to support the development of the students of the University of Bristol and align our support with the goals of the club. 

This project reviews our mission statement, committee structure and governance, and our activities. 

At Henley Royal Regatta we welcomed three of four new additions to the @uobboatclub fleet, following a successful fundraising campaign by UBBC Alumni members and the Rutley family. Thank you all who made the campaign a success! @bristol_sport @bristol_su @universityofbristol

Proposed Mission Statement

To promote and support the education and development of students of the University of Bristol by encouraging and facilitating the sport of rowing. The UBBC Alumni aims to:

  1. Encourage former crewmates, coaches and supporters to maintain their connection with UBBC and each other.

  2. Promote the development of members of UBBC through the provision of advice, guidance and financial support.

  3. Support UBBC in achieving their long-term performance vision, improving their competitive results, number of participants and financial stability.

proposed committee structure


Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 12.26.54.png

Proposed Committee position appointment Process

It is necessary to ensure changeover of position holders is regular enough to maintain enthusiasm and commitment, while also maintaining experience and knowledge.  

Appointment to the operational group of the committee is by election. Position holders will remain in post for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years. On resignation from a position, or after two years (whichever is sooner) the post will be re-elected, with the same person eligible to run for re-election if they wish. 

If more than one nominee runs for a position, an election should be held in a format that allows the greatest and most representative portion of the UBBC Alumni's membership to vote. 

Members of the UBBC Alumni's Advisory Group will provide experience and support to the operational group of the committee. Membership will remain permanent until voluntary resignation.

New members of the Advisory Group will be nominated and agreed by a majority of the operational group of the committee.

Proposed Committee Role Descriptions and Responsibilities


Nonesuch Captain

Run an inclusive alumni club that achieves the stated aims of the UBBC Alumni.

  1. Take ownership of and responsibility for the day-to-day running of the UBBC Alumni. Maintain oversight of the rest of the committee.

  2. Look for opportunities for the longer-term development of the UBBC Alumni, ensuring this aligns with the longer-term development goals of UBBC.

  3. Be the first point of contact for the UBBC Alumni with the UBBC steering group.

  4. Provide regular updates on the UBBC Alumni’s accounts and status of fundraising projects to UBBC’s Head Coach, Development Coach and Club Captain.

  5. Oversee Nonesuch finances, budgeting and strategic planning.

  6. Maintain and strengthen relations with UBBC, promoting engagement with the UBBC Alumni among UBBC’s student body.

  7. Be available to offer support and advice to UBBC’s student Club Captain.


Ensure that the UBBC Alumni remains financially strong. Reports primarily into the Nonesuch Club Captain and UBBC steering group.

  1. Maintain a running budget throughout the year that is accurate and up-to-date. 

  2. Inform the Nonesuch Captain and UBBC steering group of the state of accounts on a monthly basis.

  3. Ensure any expenditure aligns with the aims of the UBBC Alumni.

  4. With the Nonesuch Captain, identify opportunities to offer financial support to UBBC in alignment with the aims of the UBBC Alumni.

  5. Be available to offer support and advice to UBBC’s student Treasurer.


  1. Record minutes at any meetings and ensure these are suitably stored for future reference. 

  2. Maintain UBBC Alumni records, governing document, articles of association and an accurate and complete history of activities. Work with the Membership Officer to maintain membership lists.

  3. Communicate with new members of the UBBC Alumni.

  4. Update UBBC Alumni membership lists with the University Development and Alumni Relations quarterly or as appropriate

  5. Distribute meeting minutes and other communications to committee, UBBC steering group and Nonesuch members in a timely manner. 

  6. Assist the Nonesuch Captain and UBBC steering group in achieving charitable status for Nonesuch.

  7. Be available to offer support and advice to UBBC’s student Secretary (or equivalent).  

Communications Officer

Ensure our members, UBBC’s students, our supporters and the wider rowing community are kept up-to-date on our/UBBC’s activities and successes. Ensure that a positive perception of the UBBC Alumni/Nonesuch BC is maintained.

  1. Produce an annual communications plan, ensuring news, features and campaigns are communicated effectively across our communication channels throughout the year.

  2. Facilitate the design, printing and distribution of an annual newsletter.

  3. Facilitate external communications on behalf of other committee members.

  4. Manage social media channels (currently Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).  

  5. Be available to offer support and advice to UBBC’s Press & Publicity Officer (or equivalent) and seek opportunities for joint projects.


Events Officer

  1. Produce and implement an annual events plan, featuring a cost-effective and balanced mix of events, including (but not limited to) an annual dinner, Henley Royal Regatta drinks, Henley Women’s Regatta drinks and a member recruitment event.

  2. Ensure all events are advertised to our membership in partnership with the Communications Officer.

  3. Liaise with UBBC’s Social Secretaries to ensure UBBC’s social events are accessible and advertised to our membership where appropriate.

  4. Be available to offer support and advice to UBBC’s Social Secretaries (or equivalent) and seek opportunities for joint projects.


Membership Officer

Ensure that the UBBC Alumni’s membership continues to grow, recruiting new students and graduates, as well as generations who may have not previously engaged. Explore opportunities for expanding our membership. Ensure our fundraising aims are supported through members’ regular monthly donations.

  1. Produce and execute a member/regular donor recruitment plan.

  2. Develop ways to encourage all current students of UBBC to join the UBBC Alumni and subscribe to a ‘Student’ level Direct Debit donation plan.

  3. Develop ways to encourage all recent graduates of UBBC to join the UBBC Alumni and subscribe to a ‘Graduate’ level Direct Debit donation plan.

  4. Develop ways to encourage as many members as possible to sign up to a ‘1909 Club’ level Direct Debit donation plan.

  5. Communicate the benefits of membership and regular donations. Ensure all members/regular donors are aware of how and why their donations are collected, saved and spent.

  6. Maintain an efficient means of collecting and updating member information and collecting monthly donations, in partnership with the Online Engagement (& Database Management) Officer.


Fundraising Campaigns Officer

Organise projects and fundraising events to generate funds to support the stated aims of the UBBC Alumni.

  1. Work with Club Captain and UBBC steering group to increase and improve funding in order to meet the stated aims of the UBBC Alumni.

  2. Identify and investigate sponsorship opportunities.

  3. Manage any current sponsors to ensure continued mutual benefit and strengthen relations. 

  4. Identify and pursue any possible major contributors to club funding. 

  5. Be available to offer support and advice to UBBC’s student Sponsorship & Fundraising Officers (or equivalent) and seek opportunities for joint projects.

Online Engagement (& Database Management) Officer

  1. Ensure all members’ personal details are up to date.

  2. Continue to provide and maintain the UBBC Alumni's online presence, through our dedicated website and social media channels.

  3. Ensure that the continues to provide an efficient and easy way of collecting and updating member information and collecting monthly donations, developing and improving the process when necessary, in partnership with the Membership Officer. 

  4. Ensure that all of the information published to remains up-to-date and in line with the UBBC Alumni's communication goals, in conjunction with the Communications Officer. 

  5. Monitor any incoming orders into the online merchandise and kit shop and ensure that the current holder of stock is notified. 

  6. Facilitate any potential new online capabilities. 


Nonesuch Boat Club Men’s Captain


Nonesuch Boat Club Women’s Captain


Proposed Activities

1. The running of events, to include an annual UBBC Alumni dinner, Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Women's Regatta drinks events, a member recruitment event. 

2. Fundraising activity, including the collection of regular donations from members, as well as running larger campaigns. 

3. The purchase of equipment and resources for UBBC. 

4. The provision of a Student Support Grant scheme, to assist students who gain significant personal development value from UBBC, but who would not otherwise be able to participate due to their financial circumstances. 

5. The facilitation of a mentoring scheme, to support students in seeking career advice and other opportunities. 

6. The representation of the UBBC Alumni body to other UBBC stakeholders. 

7. Communications to members and students, to include an annual newsletter, as well as communications by email, online and social media. 

8. Volunteering in support of UBBC, for example coaching support and/or support in marshalling UBBC-run events. 

9. The participation in rowing for former UBBC oarsmen/women, under Nonesuch Boat Club. 

Application for Charity Status

To place the UBBC Alumni in the best position to achieve its refreshed goals, it is proposed that the UBBC Alumni establishes a registered charitable body. A registered charity would allow for greater visibility of activities and would offer significant financial benefits such as Gift Aid on donations, which would greatly support our fundraising goals. This would place the UBBC Alumni in a similar standing to other well-known alumni bodies that support rowing programmes in schools and other universities.

We very much welcome the feedback of members on the above proposals. Please don’t hesitate to offer your thoughts via